3rd edition BDigital Apps 2012

BDigital Apps looked at the experience of renowned entrepreneurs in this sector, such as Maximo Cavazzani of "Apalabrados". Gaming, eCommerce and eHealth were the prominent trends in the third edition.

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Apps and Gaming overview
Gaming was one of the most prominent trends, since it is one of the sectors where the growth of apps is most significant in terms of business and the number of users. Thus, BDigital Apps looked at the experience of renowned entrepreneurs in this sector, such as Máximo Cavazzani, the CEO of Etermax and creator of "Apalabrados/Angry Words", who presented his new app "Mezcladitos" at the congress, and Xavier Carrillo, CEO of the Catalan company Digital Legends, a top international producer of games for intelligent devices. 

Mobile commerce, e-Health and mobility at companies
The rise of mobility in business (the use of tablets and smartphones in companies will increase by 80% until 2020), the rise of mobile commerce (through the explosion of NFC technology) and the countless opportunities provided by the e-Health sector (the growth of the market for apps and health-related devices will increase by 39% per year) were also featured at the third BDigital Apps. More than 30 national and international speakers such as Jamie Turner, consultant and founder of 60SecondMarketer.com, and co-author of the book Go Mobile, as well as representatives of companies like PayPal and Amazon participated in the different lectures, parallel workshops and discussions about the state of apps today.

The second day hosted a gaming workshop for designing and creating multi-device video games led by professors of undergraduate Multimedia Engineering programmes and Master's programmes in Serious Games Creation by La Salle. The workshop was organised with the support of the Government of Catalonia's IDigital Plan.

Finally, the congress also included the awards ceremony for the winners of the FinAppsParty, the 24-hour marathon to create apps for mobile devices organised by "la Caixa" in collaboration with Barcelona Digital to conceive and develop financial service apps. According to surveys of the attendees in 2012, 96.8% would recommend the congress to others and more than 80% said that overall, BDigital Apps was very good or excellent.